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I promised a more detailed post about this in my previous one about ERM. This is not intended to be entitlements services 1-01, but there is some necessary preamble to set the scene. Somebody probably ought to write that tutorial, as web search and WikiPedia are unusually unhelpful in this area, but that’s not going […]

This isn’t a post about consumer DRM, which I think has been covered well enough before by Cory and others (though some of the Bob=Carol issues still apply). Enterprises have a load of stuff that they need to (or are obliged to) protect. This is a post about the issues that I see with entitlements […]

I attended an excellent seminar last night run by the Open Rights Group on the subject of ‘Creative Business in the Digital Era’. I wasn’t sure exactly what I expected to learn there, particularly as the course materials are available on their wiki, but I hoped that there would be some interesting people and dialogue. […]