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One of my colleagues spends a lot of time seeing how we can introduce more enterprise 2.0 technologies to the workplace, and when I come across good stuff in that field I tend to throw it over the wall to him. It therefore struck me as insane that when I was reading this from Andrew […]

I was recently speaking at a conference, and the subject of network access control (NAC) came up. At the time I gave a rather glib answer that ‘it’s not the network that you wish to control access to, but the data and services that wrap it’. That’s been my position for some time, but it’s […]

For most enterprises the essence of trustworthiness is their internal build, which normally comes in client and server flavours for a variety of ‘supported’ operating systems. Machines running this build are trusted to access corporate resources, anything else is kept out with policies, firewalls and mechanisms like network access control (NAC). That internal build is […]