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It seems that the term Persona is finally finding its way into common usage, and I’m encouraged by the recent posts by Nishant Kaushik and Mark Dixon.

I first touched upon this a while ago when I called it the ‘interest feed‘, and JP recently got me going again with his posts about customer perspective. In theory this is the type of problem that could be addressed by ‘synopsys‘, but some deeper digging is making me think that things are worse than […]

Classen’s law


usefulness=log(technology), which means that in combination with Moore’s law we get a linear improvement in usefulness over time (which I think puts the singularity guys out of business for the time being)

James McGovern came up with a good starter for 10, but since he called me out to add some more here goes: Ignoring Pareto – many enterprise architects end up becoming the creators of internal ‘standards’, and then become the standards cops. All too often the 80:20 rule is ignored (and in fact this tends to […]