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James McGovern came up with a good starter for 10, but since he called me out to add some more here goes: Ignoring Pareto – many enterprise architects end up becoming the creators of internal ‘standards’, and then become the standards cops. All too often the 80:20 rule is ignored (and in fact this tends to […]

They in this case are the machines that we use every day, or more specifically the software running on them. By using language like ‘they’ perhaps I’m already using a person like metaphor that’s inappropriate to the situation. Regardless, we’re confronted each day by machines that make us do repetitive tasks rather than taking them […]

I’ve been too quiet of late, and part of the problem has been this blog post, which has become something of a mental bolus. It’s time to get it out. The title really says it all. It’s my assertion that software support, or at least big company support for enterprise customers, is a myth. Not […]