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Rising from the ashes of GigaOm the tribal gathering of cloud elders that is Structure has returned, and got off to a strong start with Battery Venture’s Adrian Cockcroft presenting on the State of the Cloud and Container Ecosystems. Cockcroft paid particular attention to the impact of containers, which wasn’t even a major discussion topic at […]

I get to go along to a lot of industry conferences, and goody bags are pretty standard fair. I expect that most of them quickly find their way to landfill, which is always a shame. A couple of years ago I was visiting somebody who I’d met at a conference, and I had one of […]

Having dragged James into the debate about Pamela’s post, and having spent most of the week at a security conference I thought I’d throw some of my own thoughts into the ring. Let’s start with attendees, or ‘plankton‘ as Pamela calls them, and the idea that attendees learn something by going to conferences. I think […]