A log of my Dart community stuff.


31 Aug 2022 Flutter Vikings – Oslo, Norway
End to end IoT with Dart and Flutter (slides)

26 Mar 2022 Flutter Festival – London, UK
End to end IoT with Dart and Flutter (slides)

2-3 Feb 2022 – Flutter Vikings – Online
Full Stack Dart (slides)

10 Nov 2021 – QCon Plus – Online
Full Stack Dart

29 Oct 2021 – Droidcon London 2021 – London, UK
Full Stack Dart (slides)

19 Jun 2021 – Flutter Bangalore Meetup – Online
Dart on Arm (slides)


23 Feb 2022 Flutter Humpday
Real privacy! @sign updates

11 Aug 2021 Flutter Humpday
Privacy on the Edge with Flutter

Blog posts

These are all posts on other blogs. For posts here see the Dart tag.

25 Mar 2022 Google Cloud Custom Metrics

13 Sep 2021 WTF are Dart and Flutter?

3 Aug 2021 Running Dart on Arm Servers

Analyst coverage

16 Mar 2022 Redmonk – Flutter Propels Dart, frameworks, language adoption and cross platform development

Stack Overflow

11 Aug 2022 NO_PUBKEY “4EB27DB2A3B88B8B” for Dart apt repo



20 Oct 2021 Dockerfile with Arm support

Issues raised

21 Jun 2022 dart compile jit-snapshot can’t take flags (like -o) or –options as training arguments

20 Jun 2022 dartaotruntime is missing from Linux .deb package

23 May 2022 Lag between SDK releases and Dart library image updates

12 May 2022 No Armv7 image in 2.17.0 tag on Docker Hub

10 Feb 2022 ../../runtime/vm/os_linux.cc: 464: error: unreachable code when compiling AOT binary inside Docker on Armv7

13 Aug 2021 Only root user can run /usr/lib/dart/bin/dart

24 May 2021 Add git so that dart pub get works for pubspecs with git dependencies

7 May 2021 Use distroless for runtime images?

4 May 2021 ‘only Ubuntu 16.04 is tested’, but Ubuntu 16.04 is past end of standard support

Issues answered

17 Jun 2022 Reduce size of images that are based on jit snapshots

23 May 2022 pub is unavailable on 2.17

23 May 2022 Any example of how to use the Dart VM for local development with Docker?

29 Apr 2021 Request to support multi arch images for additional arm architectures

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