I got into Podcasts after listening to Sam Harris interview Gen Michael Hayden on his ‘Making Sense‘ (previously ‘Waking Up’) podcast, where I’ve become a regular listener.

Tech Debt Burndown

I co-host the Tech Debt Burndown Podcast with Nick Selby, where we talk to each other and guests about Tech Debt and how to deal with it.

Tech Podcasts I like

I may not listen to every episode, but I find lots of great material on these:

and of course there’s the A16z podcast

Non Tech Podcasts I like

Farnham Street – The Knowledge Project with Shane Parrish
Making Sense with Sam Harris

Podcasts that I’ve featured on

I’ve been on a few other people’s shows:

28 Apr 2020 – Futurum Tech Podcast
Open Source, DevOps And Reskilling The Workforce

27 Apr 2020 – SwimStreams
A Conversation with Chris Swan on Multi Cloud, Serverless and more

11 Oct 2018 – Packet Pushers Podcast
Corporate Scar Tissue

19 Jan 2018 – InfoQ Podcast
DevOps and NoOps, Plus Operations and Code Validation in a Serverless Environment

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