Hi, my name is Chris, thanks for visiting.

For readers who don’t know me already I’m Gen X bloke living in the UK. When I’m not working or blogging I like to spend my time clay pigeon shooting, riding my motorbike and skiing. I also enjoy good food (and cooking it) and good wine/port/bourbon (in fact pretty much most things that taste nice with alcohol in them). I’m a keen fan of (home) cinema, prog rock and SciFi.

I have had an interest in technology since being a small kid, and when I left the Royal Navy in 2000 for a career in IT with a .com startup I lost a hobby and turned it into my day job. I’ve worked as a technologist to bankers and a banker to technologists. I tend to be a jack of all trades, and try to be master of some, with Containers, DevOps and Serverless being hot topics at the moment.

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Opinions expressed here are mine alone, and do not reflect my employers, or anyone else, unless explicitly stated otherwise.

Affiliate Links

I’m an Amazon shareholder, and I buy a lot of stuff on Amazon, and so when I review things here I’ll usually make use of an affiliate link so that if you then buy that thing (and anything else you put in your basket) I’ll get an affiliate fee.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

Why TheStateOfMe?

I bought thestateofme.com back in the early noughts for a project I was working on around RSS Reader synchronisation, as it was annoying to go from one PC to another and find the state of my feeds completely different. Those were the days before RSS Bandit, which synced state with WebDAV, or cloud based readers like Google Reader, and Feedly.

That RSS project was abandoned when I discovered RSS Bandit, but I held onto the domain, and ‘the state of me’ seemed like a good tagline for a blog covering a variety of topics.

There’s absolutely no connection with the US State of Maine (ME).

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