Howto – Factory Reset iLO 4 on HP Microserver Gen8


I fell into a trap with my new Gen 8 Microservers like this:

  1. Install 60 day trial license for iLO Advanced
  2. Update BIOS date/time
  3. Find that trial license has now expired :(

There really should be some sort of warning on the license page (and maybe also the serial/password tag) to say update your clock before applying a trial license. Here’s how I got things back to factory defaults:

Firstly press F8 at the appropriate part of the boot sequence:


The config tool opens on the option to set defaults:


So just hit enter and then F10 to confirm:


That’s it – the trial license will now work again. If like me you set a more memorable password than the one on the factory tag then that will have to be reconfigured.

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