iOS 4 on iPod Touch 2G


I heard quite a few friends whining that iOS 4 wasn’t a good ‘upgrade’ on their iPhone 3G(S)s, with many reverting back to versions of 3.x that were considered faster or more stable. I was therefore somewhat sceptical about upgrading my iPod Touch 2G, and would have left it be if it wasn’t for so many apps demanding 4.x.[1]

After digging around the web, and asking around on Twitter I couldn’t find anybody that would say whether this would go well or badly. Eventually I caved in and went for it with 4.02. The process began with an obligatory upgrade to iTunes 10. For some lucky reason I didn’t need to turn off Ping, it was off by default – yay. The backup/upgrade/restore cycle took ages (most of a day).

No harm done – that would be my first impression.

Oh – and there’s an ‘airplane mode’ slider now in settings.

4.02 to 4.1 didn’t take so long – around half an hour. I’ll report back here if I find anything worthy of comment.

Bottom line – iOS 4 on the iPod Touch – probably necessary for new apps (and upgrades to old apps) that insist on 4.x, but otherwise Meh!

[1] This would seem to mark the end of the road for my old iPod Touch 1G. It will still fill my kitchen with music, but the apps world has left it behind

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