AMQP vs OpenMAMA – a contrived conflict


If I’d had a dummy in my mouth then I’d have definitely spat it when I read this:

The article makes out the NYSE is pitching OpenMAMA directly against AMQP. Luckily it’s sensationalist twaddle, and the author obviously doesn’t appreciate the difference between an API, which is what OpenMAMA is, and a wire protocol, which is what AMQP is.

Whilst the tech press might like to stir up a fight, I personally look forward to seeing OpenMAMA and AMQP working together (just as JMS and AMQP do). Yes, I’m sure that NYSE will continue to push their proprietary messaging wire protocol – the one that they got when they bought Wombat; but that’s all part of the technology industry’s rich tapestry.

I’d also note that MAMA isn’t new, it seems that it was first released around six years ago. Props to NYSE for opening it up though, I’m really liking how the Open-* world is well, opening more every day.

One Response to “AMQP vs OpenMAMA – a contrived conflict”

  1. I agree.

    Actually, OpenMAMA could be a really good thing for AMQP adoption, as it gives us a potentially widely-supported API that’s in the core of Linux. All of a sudden, we can have messaging at the lowest level in Linux applications; that’s very powerful.

    The real challenge is going to be for the AMQP community to make sure all the rich fidelity in AMQP 1-0 can be used to the max with it!

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