RIP Dougal


Born on 22 May 2005, Dougal came home with us on 16 July 2005:

He loved hanging out with other dogs, and had to run hard to keep up since he was little:

He loved exploring the local woods, and would join me for my daily trips to the shop.

Just last weekend some other dog walkers were asking his age and couldn’t believe he was 15 (many people still though he was a pup).

I know they’re all good dogs. He was a very good dog, and we’re going to miss him a lot.

2 Responses to “RIP Dougal”

  1. Hi Chris!

    I’m so sorry to hear this!

    I hope you and the family are well.

    Kate and I are thinking of you!

  2. My heartfelt condolences; it sounds and looks like Dougal lived a wonderful life. Our female westie Maddie was born March 2005 and crossed the rainbow bridge March 2020, just a short while after her birthday. We miss her so much!

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