Managing GitHub Labels


I was on a sprint planning call last week where it felt like we spent way too much time getting the labels in our various repos straightened out.

After a little Googling I found various scripts that use the GitHub API to manage labels. But nothing that seemed easy enough. So… I pulled together my own repo of scripts – atsign-company/labels, which we have now open sourced.

When a label is added to that repo it fires a GitHub Action that pushes the new label to all the repos listed in a config file (in our case atsign-foundation.yaml for our open source repos).

Thanks to Olivier Jacques for pointing me to the ability to start an Action from a labels event, and to the DXC DevOps Dojo team for having a nice labeling script as part of the Welcome module.

2 Responses to “Managing GitHub Labels”

  1. This looks great Chris! At we desperately need a sort out, and this looks like it will be very handy across all our platform repos. We’re also looking to set up a ‘project of projects’ to make a nice roadmap with milestones across all repos and pick out key project dependencies… 😉

    • I’ve started using an ‘archetype’ repo which has templates for README, code of conduct, CONTRIBUTING, issues and PRs.

      For new stuff I could just use a template repository, and I’ll probably do that too based on ‘archetype’, but for now the focus is on bringing existing repos up to scratch and knowing what good looks like.

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