September 2021



There was a local sausage dog meetup, which was a lot of fun for the people and the dogs:


I had to spend a bit of time learning GraphQL, as it’s used by the latest GitHub APIs, and there’s no other way to access the data behind the Projects (beta) boards. There’s a full post on the blog on how I updated the dump_cards scripts. Since then I’ve also added a nice little command line UI using InquirerPy.

Dart article

The nice folk at Container Solutions asked me to write something about Dart and Flutter for their ‘WTF is Cloud Native?’ series. Hopefully it provides a good overview of the tech we use to build The @ Platform – ‘WTF are Dart and Flutter?‘.


$son0 figured out that he needed to properly understand R programming for his genetics degree, so I went looking for some good interactive courses. Datacamp is where I found them, and I’ve been working through some R and Python stuff myself.

Cast Iron Griddle

After watching yet another Teflon coasted pan get destroyed by too much heat (while making chapattis) I decided to buy a cast iron pan. I’ve not had the chance to make chapattis on it yet, but it’s been excellent for searing steak without firing up the BBQ.

CO2 monitor

After reading about various people using CO2 monitors to keep an eye on ventilation I bought this one. It’s presently telling me that there’s 1145ppm CO2 at my desk. Opening windows doesn’t seem to make much difference, whilst opening the door down to the rest of the house quickly gets things back to an ambient 450ppm or thereabouts.


I had to shut down my Synology NAS whilst having some electrical work done in preparation for the installation of an air sourced heat pump. Whilst I was in the control panel I noticed that an upgrade to DSM7 was available. So once the electrician was done I pressed the button… A few minutes later I was up and running again. It was a quick and painless process. So here’s to another 300+ days of uptime before I need to do anything with my NAS.

2 Responses to “September 2021”

  1. That looks like an exceedingly well priced pan!
    Do you recommend it? (For that price I guess you can’t go too far wrong?) …and did you season or otherwise prepare it when you got it?

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