February 2022



As we neared the end of the month it was finally warm enough for the boys to walk without their coats, and whilst they might look cute and snuggly in the coats they seem more energetic and free without them.

Pi Stuff – MWC Demo

All of that time spent playing with Raspberry Pis over the past decade is now being put to good use at work. The @ Company has been working with Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity specialist ZARIOT to provide end-to-end encryption for things, and we’ve been putting together a demo for Mobile World Congress (MWC). The demo system is a Pi 4, SSD, 4G/LTE HAT, TFT HAT and MAX30101 sensor. It lets us read heart rate and O2 saturation from somebody’s finger, and send the data to @ Platform apps. At the IoT end the @ sign private key can be stored on the SIM card (since there’s no secure element like we’d usually use on a phone/tablet). If you want to see it without making the trip to Barcelona, I did a quick preview on Flutter Hump Day.

MAME stuff

I already wrote a couple of posts about the Grant Searle Simple Z-80 Machine on MAME and RC2014 Mini on MAME, but things have moved on quite a bit since then. My upstream pull request has led to a lot of changes, and a lot of learning. I’m now planning to do a series of posts on that process, so hopefully it’s easier for others to find their way into MAME development.

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