Review: Cory Doctorow ‘Red Team Blues’


I’ve read just about everything Cory’s written, and ‘Red Team Blues‘ is amongst his best work. It had the two key qualities of a great read:

  1. I wanted to finish it really quickly.
  2. The morning after finishing it I was missing my next dose of what was happening with the characters.

I’m now really looking forward to ‘The Bezzle’ and ‘Picks and Shovels’, which promise to continue the adventures of Marty Hench.

I was gripped from the very beginning, perhaps because the subject matter is so close to the stuff I work on (where ‘crypto’ means cryptography not cryptocurrency).

It was a story that seemed to keep ending.

But like Columbo’s ‘Just One More Thing’ there was always a fresh hook for the next part of the adventure.

That kept it fresh all the way through, and although Cory tied up most of the loose ends as the conclusion came into view, it’s easy to imagine Marty getting himself into a bunch more trouble.

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