Hello world!



It’s taken me too long to get here, but better late than never I hope.

I’ve been lurking in the blogosphere for a long time now, but there have always been a couple of things holding me back from being more active. Firstly there was the issue of corporate policy – my employer is rather sensitive about electronic communications, but has of late got around to formulating a policy about blogging – so at least I know what the rules are now, and whilst that means I probably can’t say everything I would wish to it’s better than nothing. Secondly there was the question of needing to have something interesting to say. JP convined me that the real value of a blog was in the comments rather than the monologue. So perhaps I don’t need to say anything interesting – you do!

If by now you are wondering where ‘thestateofme’ comes from then I’ll use my first post to give a short explanation… In the early days of reading other people’s blogs I was constantly frustrated by the lack of synchronisation between my RSS aggregator at home, at work, on my laptop etc. That particular journey eventually led me to RSS Bandit, which has some great remote sync features using WebDAV etc. (though my feature request for S3 fell on deaf ears). Along the way though it looked like I might have to create a state management service (and schema) to handle synchronisation, and so I went and registered thestateofme.com (which I now use in part to host the WebDAV end point that I do use for sync, so all was not in vain). Anyway… it seemed like a reasonably good title for my blog too, so here we are.

2 Responses to “Hello world!”

  1. 1 JP

    Hi Chris, welcome. Good to see you here. Looking forward to seeing the conversations develop.

  2. 2 alexis

    I’m not saying nothing.

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