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I’m always annoyed when I can’t find an obvious link to an RSS (or ATOM) feed for a blog that I like, so I’m doubly annoyed that I can’t find an obvious way to have one for this blog. Maybe I’ve just made a poor choice of theme that puts style ahead of substance?

Anyway, the default feed can be found here (which I think is RSS 2.0) , other RSS flavours and ATOM are also available.

2 Responses to “RSS Feed”

  1. 1 rbpasker

    Chris — i just use the Google Reader bookmarklet, which scans the page and adds the feed to GR. alternatively, both Safari and Firefox show an icon in the address bar. click on the icon, and it grabs the feed.

  2. 2 Chris Swan

    Thanks Bob, I wonder what magic lurks behind those buttons?

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