No more Mr Nice Guy


and no more Mr Shy Guy.

I’m now out from under a big corporate blogging policy, which means that I don’t have to worry about upsetting any individual or corporate entity on the planet by saying bad things about them or their products (or indeed good things about their competition).

Disclaimer – this is still my personal blog, and does not represent the views of my new employer.

In case any of you were wondering…

The digital SLR that I bought shortly after posting on the topic was an Olympus E-510 (dual zoom kit). It seemed like the best compromise on price/performance at the time, and I also liked the look of the 25mm pancake lens after reading such good things from Tim Bray about the Pentax versions. I ended up kicking myself when the Nikon D700 came out a few months later, as it was pretty much exactly what I wanted. Maybe a bit too heavy, and a bit too pricey, but close enough. I’m still waiting for those full frame sensors to come down the market onto bodies with reasonable cost and weight. Something equivalent to my old Canon A1 would be perfect.

My netbook is a Lenovo s10e. I see that there’s an s10-2 out now, which is supposed to have the option of integrated 3G WWAN. Hopefully I won’t have to wait too long for it to come to the UK (and hopefully it won’t be locked to some dreadful netbook with 3G package that’s only available from a mobile telco).

One Response to “No more Mr Nice Guy”

  1. 1 Ed

    Life’s a long time Chris, remember it stays ‘forever’ so as long as you just share fact and your opinion on those facts we stand a good chance of believing what you say – if you stray into the world of buddy spin no doubt you’ll find out what happens.

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