Techlust – Lenovo IdeaPad U1


I almost certainly won’t end up buying one of these, but it has the look of something that I’ve been hoping for since giving up my X60T tablet for my s10e netbook.

I have missed the ability to draw stuff on the screen. That gap has kind of been filled now as Santa brought me a Wacom Bamboo Pen tablet for Christmas, which is absolutely wonderful for photo editing and such. It would just be brilliant though if that was built into the screen rather than another piece of kit to carry around (and if the screen was sufficiently high resolution to make a decent ebook reader). The Bamboo does almost look like it was made for my black s10e though, as they have very similar aesthetics, and go together very well size wise.

I suspect that the U1 will be cursed by lots of first of type fatal flaws, but hope that by the time CES rolls around next year there will be some decent options in this area. Meanwhile I’m on the lookout for a Pine Trail netbook with a 1280×720 screen and integrated 3G, and if one comes along with a touch screen then that would be awesome.

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