Paremus ServiceFabric on EC2 day 5


Between snow, getting some prerequisite scripts and docs a bit too late and various other stuff getting in the way, there hasn’t been too much progress today. I think I have everything set up to launch a complete cluster of Atlas agents in the sky, and get them to attach to the overlay VPN and call home, but the mechanics aren’t quite working yet (I’m drowning in Ruby dependency issues).

Today was supposed to be my last working day of the year (though I’ll be in the office on Monday for a client meeting that couldn’t be moved), so this saga will draw to a halt for the time being. I may get some time to hack away over Christmas, but no promises.

Two small victories:

  1. I figured out the command line I need to kill the SSL Elastic Server manager (which conflicts with Atlas in wanting port 4433):
    ps -ef | grep ssl_server | awk ‘{ print $2; }’ | xargs kill -9
  2. I also figured out why my security groups between vpncubed-client and vpncubed-mgr weren’t working – I was using public IPs for wget and in vpncubed.conf rather than private IPs – doh!

Hopefully this story will have a quick and happy ending in the New Year.

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