When I have to move resources.pichimney.com (and its older predecessor openelec.thestateofme.com) to a new VPS I was using a little over 1TB of bandwidth per month. I found a plan with 3TB to give me a little head room. Christmas has obviously been busy with people getting new Pis and playing with OpenELEC – this is a screen grab from my VPS management console taken a moment ago: VPS management console We might just squeeze through December without blowing the bandwidth limit, but it’s going to be tight. If the site goes down on New Years Eve then this will be why. It looks like I need to clear up some older stuff to free up some disk space too. I’ll start by getting rid of the r11xxx builds.

Update 1 (30 Dec 2012) – The other VPS that I use as part of the image building process has 1TB of bandwidth, so I’ve cut openelec.thestateofme.com over that that (as that URL still seems to get most of the traffic). If the main VPS gets really close to the limit then I’ll cut over resources.pichimney.com. I should also point out that it’s gratifying to note that I estimate there has been over 32,000 downloads of OpenELEC from my site over the past month.

2 Responses to “3TB”

  1. Chris, not sure if you pay for your VPS hosting or get it free, i can probably help out if your paying and want another vps, how do i mail you ?

    • I do pay for my VPS, but not a great deal. The main web server (with the 3TB/month allowance) cost me $120 for a year. I also pay $6.99/month for a a KVM VPS (as OpenVZ doesn’t allow for the /dev/loop devices I need to make images) and that comes with 1TB/month bandwidth. If you can do better than that then please let me know.

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