OpenELEC 3.0 Released


OpenELEC 3.0.0 has been released, which means that this popular distribution for XBMC is now in a stable version on Raspberry Pi. Raspberry Pi downloads for an SD card image file ( and a copy of the release bundle (.tar.bz2) are on the Pi Chimney resources site.

I’ve done some tidying up on the site, so all the old official images and dev builds are now tucked out of the way.

As previously posted I’m going to stop doing images for regular dev builds now. Anybody that wants to just use OpenELEC should be using the stable release, and anybody that wants to tinker should have the wherewithal to do their own image file (or can use the upgrade process from a stable image).

I’d like to thank the dev team over at for all their hard work in pulling this together.

25 Responses to “OpenELEC 3.0 Released”

  1. many thanks for your work support and help too :-)

  2. 2 Martin

    A thousand thanks from me and behalf of many others.

  3. Well, thank you for this continuous effort! Usually every week or so, I get the latest tar.bz2 with the help of the “adjusted tool” :)

  4. 4 Martin

    Hi Chris,
    The chimney haven’t produced any new builds for a couple of days, is something clogging the pipes? :-)

    Best regards..

    • Something like that. The builds have been failing for reasons I haven’t pinned down yet. There have been a load of commits today, so maybe that will clear out the blockage.

      • The build I kicked off yesterday failed as my VPS ran out of space :( I’ve just cleared away the r134xx builds.

      • 7 Martin

        Just got home from work and installed the latest.
        Once again thank you very much.. :)

        All the best!

    • Normal service has been resumed.

      • 9 Martin

        Hi Chris, I hate to say it but something is up with the chimney again.
        It has not produced builds according to git as usually for a couple of days and a weird kernel file is floating around instead. Hope you can fix it and I wish I could return the favor but all I can offer is some hosting space and a beer.

        Best regards..

      • Now fixed, with r14134

      • 11 Martin

        Can you find the old blow belly and get the Chimney going again when you have the time mate. It seems to have gone out.

        Best regards..

      • 12 Martin

        Weird lag and github downtime might have interfered with something. I dunno. =)

      • The build had been failing on both of my boxes, it’s not clear to me why. Normally it sorts itself out after a few new commits.

      • 14 Martin

        Oh.. That’s weird.. That’s give it some time then.
        Thank you very much for being so committed. Your builds are always perfect.

      • r14370 now done (after a bit of a fight with the build process).

      • 16 Martin

        I’m forever greateful! =) thanks!

      • 17 Martin

        Hi Chris..
        Latest build (r14453) gives a kernel panic, stefansaraev was IMHO a little fast to dismiss this.
        He mentions make clean which I would think you always do. Since your builds are always clean. Can you shed light on this please?

        This is probably not the right place to bring this up but I lost your email.

        Best regards mate..

      • I normally do make clean, but as I’ve been having trouble with my regular build box (failing due to g++ errors) I haven’t been running my regular build scripts.

        I’ve just kicked off a fresh build (it will be r14453 again).

      • 19 Martin

        Man you are fast =) Cool do you mind swapping emails mine is

  5. 20 jesterod

    any one know why 3.0.0 wont show anything on my rev 2 pi? i just get a blank screen on anything past 2.99.1 its booting because i can ssh into it but nothing on the screen i asked on openelec forum but havent got any reply’s ive tryed auto updating manual updating and fresh installs nothing works and to get it to work on 2.99.1 i had to use hdmi_safe=1 in the config

  6. I knew that I was in trouble when I first saw a script that used and that eventually I’d do something stupid that would break things. Hopefully those that want to keep on the bleeding edge of dev builds can update their scripts to use the new subdirectory.

    I’ve popped OpenELEC-RPi.arm-devel-20130324230641-r13647.tar.bz2 into the old root directory, so that those using the script can get onto a dev build that’s aligned with 3.0.0

  7. 22 Martin

    Yep. We just adjust the tool. No problems.
    The word is out and I think the author of the tool will keep up, he usually does. :) thanks again

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