Sous vide steak


After making my Raspberry Pi controlled hot water bath over the weekend I’ve been itching to try it out. I got my chance this evening when cooking some steak for dinner.

I get my steaks mail order from Donald Russell, so they come shock frozen and vacuum packed – so the ‘sous vide’ part is already taken care of:

steaksAfter getting the slow cooker and Raspberry Pi back from the kids’ play room where I’d been testing it I couldn’t connect via SSH. it turned out that the SD Card had got corrupted. After sorting out a fresh build of Raspbian I was ready to go once more:potThe SD card crisis meant that I only had time for 45 minutes in the water bath at 55C, but they came out looking good, and went into a hot pan for a quick sear:

in_panOnce out of the pan I sliced with my ceramic knife. The rump steak tasted every bit as good as it looks:

cuttingSadly my ribeye was just a little on the chewy side. I think it could have done with a bit more time in the water bath. The verdict on the rump from my wife and son was ‘softer, but less flavour’. I tend to agree, those rumps are usually bursting with beefy flavour – though I’m prepared to treat this as a one off (and my creamy pink peppercorn sauce had flavour to spare).

So… first time out I think counts as a qualified success. I’ll give the steaks longer next time. Next up (perhaps this weekend) – tri-tip.

3 Responses to “Sous vide steak”

  1. Let me get this straight….You do business in Chicago, a hub of the American Cattle Market, and you buy your steak flash frozen from a British farmer and are surprised by chewyness and dull flavour? This is like my complaining I can’t get a good cuppa in Dallas because I’m putting Lipton tea bags into a cup of hot water that sat under the light for five minutes before the waitress brought it to my table :)

    • Just to be clear – the steak was great, just not quite awesome. My expectations were set way high as the Donald Russell steaks are always good, and I’ve been sucked in to all the hype about sous vide.

  2. 3 JB

    You have just given my Raspberry Pi a purpose!

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