Sous Vide Roast Beef redux


Last week I cooked tri-tip with my Raspberry Pi controlled water bath. This week I used a much more ordinary cut, some topside from my local Co-Op supermarket that had cost me just over £5 for 1.6kg. Some time ago I stopped buying this kind of meat because if you cook it per the instructions on the packet it comes out like shoe leather. I wanted to see if high end cooking could make up for low cost meat. TL;DR – it does.

I got some Raspberry Pi boxes over the last few weeks, and cut a hole in the lid of one to allow for the 434MHz transmitter and DS18D20 connector to stick out:

Boxed RPi

I woke up early (6.30) and put the meat on then, so it got almost 7.5hrs in the water bath at 60C. There were no issues with temperature stability this time (and it looks like the catch for power off I put into my code was needed perhaps once this time). There’s still a bit of oscillation, but as things are coming out nicely I’m not inclined to spend too much time on tuning:

Roast beef temps2

The beef looked great whilst in the pan searing:

Roast Beef searing

and it looked great as I cut slices for serving:

sliced roast beef

and it tasted good too (with nice soft texture). Another sous vide success :)

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