OpenELEC dev builds – a pause in the action


Now that OpenELEC 3.2 is out the dev team are moving to 3.3 (which will eventually become stable as 3.4).

The dev team have asked me to wait until things are more stable (for around 4 weeks) before doing more builds from the master branch.

The dev team have also made a decision to remove .bz2 compression. Let me know if you’d rather stick with tar.bz2, or go with the flow to straight .tar files (which are about 10MB bigger)?

10 Responses to “OpenELEC dev builds – a pause in the action”

  1. All the cool kids are using tar.lzma these days. ;-)

  2. 2 tbd

    is this still on hold? it’s nearly november… just curious on how much longer until the builds come back

  3. 7 Sven


    In new build he does not find in the welcome screen my network :-(


  4. 9 Sven


  1. 1 subscription in RPI

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