Done with Bejeweled Blitz


Shortly after I got my first PDA (a Palm OS Sony CLIÉ) my friend Gav showed my Bejeweled on his Palm Pilot. I got it for myself, and I played that game a lot.

It was some years later when Bejeweled Blitz came along on Facebook. I played that a bit, but Flash games on a desktop or laptop aren’t the greatest. Then it was ported to iOS (and Android) and I found a new time filler. I’ve played a lot of Bejewelled Blitz over the past few years whilst watching TV or waiting for trains/planes/people/whatever.

The social integration features provided a silly little challenge – be at the top of the leaderboard each week. Pete Spindley would occasionally set a decent target for me to beat, and one time it took a lot of coins for a lot of boosts to overhaul the 1.1M he’d scored.

A few weeks ago I noticed that I’d hit the highest level – 182. I was also pretty near to 10M coins, and close to maxing out all of the score categories.


It didn’t take long to hit 10M coins (I have ever bought any coins),

and then I kept spending on boosts until I’d maxed out all of the score categories:


The 450ks were the hardest to get – it’s relatively easy to score over 500k, and much harder to get over 450k but beneath 500k.

With that final challenge behind me I’m now done with Bejeweled Blitz – there’s no further challenge remaining.

Onwards to 2048.


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