OpenELEC dev builds for Raspberry Pi 2


I’ve modified my automated build system for OpenELEC so that it now creates RPi2 builds in addition to regular old RPi builds –;O=D

11 Responses to “OpenELEC dev builds for Raspberry Pi 2”

  1. 1 Henk50

    Hi, I have to build OpenElec with patches voor EGalax touchscreen, can you explain more how i can build OpeElec for a PI 2?

    • All that’s needed is to specify RPi2 in the build line:

      PROJECT=RPi2 ARCH=arm make release

      • 3 Henk50

        Ahhh, I’m missing some basic knowledge about building? Many thanks! I’m now able to build!

  2. 4 indio jitehuari

    Hi, im trying to compile an image for the rasp pi 2.
    PROJECT=RPi2 ARCH=arm make image
    ok, i need to add some wifi drivers, link.
    how can i add the drivers? i found some patches, but i dont know im doing.

    • I normally do PROJECT=RPi2 ARCH=arm make release, but what you have looks fine if it’s an image you’re after.

      Adding additional drivers depends a lot on whether the drivers are mainstream, in which case you can just enable them in the kernel config file. If they’re not mainstream then you need to bring along the driver code itself. The example patch in the forum link is pretty good, so you need something like that – either manually add/edit the relevant files, or git cherry pick an existing patch.

  3. Hi Chris can you make a new update tar for the pi2/3? inc. the new firmware and kernel? The pi3 is getting way to hot now… Popcornmix just updated it on git… and i think Jarvis 16,1 is out…Grz Scotty

  4. 8 Jonzen

    How are bug reports submitted when using your dev build? c3757f9 performs extremely well on pi 3 but has some quirks.

    • It’s not my dev build – it’s just my robot building what the excellent folk who contribute to put out. Take a look at their GitHub issues if you need to report a problem (though it’s always worth taking a look at the commit logs to see how something might have been introduced, and existing issues in case somebody else is already on it).

      • 10 Juan

        Hi im not really familiar with linux i have downloaded the tar file but after i execute in terminal “PROJECT=RPi2 ARCH=arm make” it give me an error

      • My build bot has already done the make for you, and the tar file is the result of that, but the tar file is only useful as an upgrade if you already have a working SD card (made from an image file).

        If you want to build yourself then take a look at the compile from source docs.

        If you just want to use OpenELEC then I’d suggest using stable builds rather than dev builds.

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