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###Craig’s reply 29 Nov 2021 Chris, Well 5 days to go so my last message for you! I am hoping that, when free, Julian will turn his attention to recovering freedom on the Internet. I share your analysis 100%. It seems there will always need to be a primarily social or entertainment portal that can […]

There has been a LOT of noise over the past week about David Cameron’s proposals to have default on web filters for UK ISPs (which seems to be happening despite it not being part of official government policy, and entirely outside of any legislative framework). Claire Perry (Conservative MP for Devizes) has been leading the […]

Almost a couple of years ago (shortly before taking a role that put me back under the yolk of corporate web filtering) I wrote the wrong sort of radio to describe how ridiculous and counter-productive such things are. It simply doesn’t make much sense to cut off the Internet at the desktop when everybody has it in […]

Something needs to be figured out so that users can’t pwn censorship rights over networks where the admins have been smart enough to choose a ‘better’ DNS service, but not smart enough to take active control over its management.