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###Letter #16 Delivered 28 Nov 21 Hi Craig, I expect this will be my last letter to you by this means, as you look forward to your release in a few days time. Hopefully we can continue our dialogue by email, though I expect your time and attention for the next few months will be […]

###Craig’s reply 29 Nov 2021 Chris, Well 5 days to go so my last message for you! I am hoping that, when free, Julian will turn his attention to recovering freedom on the Internet. I share your analysis 100%. It seems there will always need to be a primarily social or entertainment portal that can […]

###Letter #15 Delivered 21 Nov 21 Hi Craig, It was great to get two replies from you this week :) There’s a cartoon by John Jonik that I’m sure you’ve seen many times, with Uncle Sam pushing forward a box labelled ‘Control of Internet Speech’ and a man labelled Corporate Media asking ‘How would you […]

Things have got a little out of order as Craig works through his backlog of correspondence. Here’s letter #11 that he’s replying to. ###Craig’s reply 14 Nov 2021 Hi Chris, Continuing to work my way through old mail, I came upon your wondering how many people worldwide really do influence events: you set parameters of […]

###Letter #14 Delivered 14 Nov 21 Hi Craig, I hope you’re well, and that each day brings fresh optimism about your impending release. I came across a thread on Twitter from my friend Ian Grigg, which very much remined me of your predicament: “”A friend introduced me to Samizdat which is “a form of dissident […]

As it had been a while since I’d heard from Craig, I published my 13th letter to him (along with #10, #11 and #12) without waiting for a reply. But I’m pleased that he has now written back: ###Craig’s reply 15 Nov 2021 Hi Chris, I must apologise for replying to you so seldom. I […]

###Letter #13 Delivered 8 Nov 21 Hi Craig, I hope you’re keeping well. It was good to hear that you’ve been able to get a Covid test and that it was negative. I had an idea the other day that I’d like to get your feedback on… It seems to me that so much in […]

###Letter #12 Delivered 31 Oct 21 Hi Craig, I’d been thinking about continuing our dialogue on the topic of social media, and what I refer to as ‘filter failure at the outrage factory’. But the ridiculous (and cynical) rebranding of Facebook to ‘Meta’ means Zuckerberg has already had too much time rent free in my […]

###Letter #11 Delivered 24 Oct 21 Hi Craig, It was good to get a reply from you yesterday. I was becoming concerned about your wellbeing given the news of Covid on your corridor. As freedumb day approached in July I searched for plausible reasoning, and found it in the case chart for India. What we […]

###Letter #10 Delivered 17 Oct 21 Happy Birthday Craig, The circumstances are far for ideal, but I hope you’re able to celebrate in some way. Are you able to hear the protests in your name when they take place outside the prison, or are things too distant? It must has been wonderful to meet Arthur […]