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November 2021


Pupdate It’s been pretty mild for the season, but as we passed the middle of the month it was time for the boys to start wearing their coats out on walks. I’ve bought a couple of extra latch clips to poke through the hole in their coats from their harnesses, otherwise it’s a right faff […]

###Letter #16 Delivered 28 Nov 21 Hi Craig, I expect this will be my last letter to you by this means, as you look forward to your release in a few days time. Hopefully we can continue our dialogue by email, though I expect your time and attention for the next few months will be […]

###Letter #10 Delivered 17 Oct 21 Happy Birthday Craig, The circumstances are far for ideal, but I hope you’re able to celebrate in some way. Are you able to hear the protests in your name when they take place outside the prison, or are things too distant? It must has been wonderful to meet Arthur […]

###Letter #7 Delivered 28 Sep 21 Hi Craig, It’s a shame that books sent from Amazon aren’t making it through. I was wondering what I’d write about this week, as I wanted to steer clear of politics, and somehow the week concluded with a few bookish things. Your letter reminded me of how I came […]