Wardley mapping resources


I’ve had the links below in a OneNote snippet for some time, so that I can easily email them to people who want to know more about Wardley mapping; but I thought I might as well post them here too:

The OSCON video

The CIO magazine article

The blog intro

The (incomplete) book (as a series of Medium posts by chapter)Chapter 2 has the key stuff about mapping.

The online course (NB note for DXC/LEF staff on price plans)

Altas2 – the online tool

Update 1 Jun 2018 – Adrian Cockcroft on Mapping Your Stack

Update 4 Jul 2019 – Mike Lamb on Investing in innovation – How situational awareness can put your business on the map

Update 1 Oct 2019 – GitHub repo of Wardely mapping resources curated by John Grant and mentioned in the invite to Map Camp 2019. Also I keep a Pinboard.in tag on mapping for all the interesting things I come across in the space.

Update 24 Nov 2019 – LearnWardelyMapping.com – this is probably the best intro I’ve seen yet, so maybe the best place to start.

Update 26 Nov 2021 – Atlas 2 has been shut down. I now use Online Wardley Maps.

One Response to “Wardley mapping resources”

  1. 1 Ben Mosior

    Thanks so much for the kind words, Chris! Glad you found LWM useful.

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