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TL;DR Modern Apps use Platforms, Continuous Delivery, and Modern Languages. Or more specifically, Modern Apps are written in Modern Languages, get deployed onto Platforms, and that deployment process is Continuous Delivery (as these things are all interconnected). Background ‘Modern Apps’ seems to be a hot topic right now. Some of my DXC colleagues are getting […]

Over the course of the next few weeks I’m planning to publish a bunch of posts that originally went onto my internal CSC blog hosted on ‘C3’ (Jive). My reasons for doing this are: C3 is being shut down as part of the merger of CSC and HPE Enterprise Services (ES) to create, and […]

TL;DR I started a new job yesterday that boils down to applying data driven (re)design for operations (DevOps) to what’s now one of the largest Global IT Services companies. After leaving the startup world for ‘a bigger train set’ the scale just got bigger still. The size of the task ahead seems initially daunting, but […]