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TL;DR Modern Apps use Platforms, Continuous Delivery, and Modern Languages. Or more specifically, Modern Apps are written in Modern Languages, get deployed onto Platforms, and that deployment process is Continuous Delivery (as these things are all interconnected). Background ‘Modern Apps’ seems to be a hot topic right now. Some of my DXC colleagues are getting […]

Skills development and training is a huge part of driving an organisation forward into the future, and so it’s something that I spend a lot of time and energy on. I’ve seen a bunch of stuff over the past year that leads me to expect a revolution in training. Katacoda I first came across Katacoda at […]

Our expectations for user experience are shaped by the huge consumer platforms such as Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon, and also the devices that we access them with such as iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tablets, and the PCs or Macs we use at home. When we use these consumer devices and services, there’s no […]

This is another post that’s a recycled email, one which started out with the title: ‘Our share of the cloud shared responsibility model (and the need for application intimacy)’ The original email came from a number of discussions in the run up to the DXC merger, and I must thank many of my CTO and […]

I just had to Google ‘outro‘ to confirm it’s actually a word (as the Chrome spellcheck thinks not). Yesterday marked the end of the back catalogue of posts that I’d originally made on C3, so it’s back to normal service here on the blog. If you’d like a list for this series of posts then […]

Originally posted internally 13 Dec 2016, this post marks the end of my journey through the back catalogue: The dust has hardly settled from re:Invent, but today brings the first big public launch since AWS’s big annual event – AWS Managed Services. This will be one of those blog posts that I hope saves me having […]

Originally posted internally 28 Nov 2016: Background This is another one of those blog posts where the same question has come up multiple times in the past few weeks, so there’s probably a broader audience for the discussion. Where do I anchor my trust? The point of a blockchain is to anchor trust against proof of […]

Originally posted internally 18 Nov 2016: Background Late yesterday I got an email from my colleagues in France asking me to review a pitch deck about our Docker capabilities for a financial services client. I’m repeating my answers here as they probably deserve some broader sharing… Docker in the Enterprise Their presentation hit most of Ian […]

Originally posted internally 9 Nov 2016: TL;DR – the 3 ways Improve flow Improve feedback Improve our ability to learn by experimentation Why this is for you When you see the word ‘DevOps’ please keep reading – this post is still for you. I deliberately left the word DevOps out of the title of this post, […]

Originally posted internally 22 Sep 2016, and it’s another post where I took an email reply to a broader audience. I got an email question about switching from Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) to Oracle Linux in order to save cost, and I thought the answer would be worth sharing more broadly: With Linux it’s important […]