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###Letter #9 Delivered 10 Oct 21 Hi Craig, I think you’d have been very busy with blogging this past week. The ‘Pandora Papers’ hit the wires as the latest follow ups to the Panama and Paradise papers. I do fear that the long term effect of this stuff is to normalise the behaviours they uncover […]

###Letter #8 Delivered 3 Oct 21 Hi Craig, You’re right that I’m a dedicated Sci-Fi reader. I grew up with a great love for the potential of science and technology. My dad was always tinkering with stuff in the garage, reading New Scientist and watching episodes of Equinox etc. My mum has more of a […]

###Letter #7 Delivered 28 Sep 21 Hi Craig, It’s a shame that books sent from Amazon aren’t making it through. I was wondering what I’d write about this week, as I wanted to steer clear of politics, and somehow the week concluded with a few bookish things. Your letter reminded me of how I came […]

###Letter #6 Delivered 19 Sep 21 Hi Craig, Heeding your words about not getting research done I’ve decided to keep to a weekly cadence. I’m now wondering which Lord George Murray you’re researching, as a quick search brings up a few of them over the years? It’s good to hear that books are making it […]

Here begins a new series for this blog… I’ve been writing to Craig Murray whilst he serves his prison sentence for contempt of court arising from his reporting of the Alex Salmond trial. I don’t recall how I first came across Craig, and his first book Murder in Samarkand, but I’ve been a keen follower […]