Craig Murray’s reply to Letter #13


As it had been a while since I’d heard from Craig, I published my 13th letter to him (along with #10, #11 and #12) without waiting for a reply. But I’m pleased that he has now written back:

Craig’s reply 15 Nov 2021

Hi Chris,

I must apologise for replying to you so seldom. I can assure you that every word you have sent has been read and appreciated.

Alternative honours schemes have been floated before from time to time. That is no reason not to try again, but I am rather in despair of the space to get an audience for any “alternative” views at all. That is due to both the ever more rigid conformity of the mainstream media and the stranglehold on the Internet of the gatekeeper corporations.

So the problem I’d see is not so much funding from the activist community, as outreach beyond the activist community.

Yes, I think quite a lot about what I will say, and then what I will write, on release. I have learnt a huge amount about lives destroyed and those left behind by society. How far this will affect my writing I’m not sure. It is not that I learnt much conceptually, but to know it experientially is very different. I guess it alters priorities a bit.

Best wishes


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