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In which I examine why XACML has failed to live up to my expectations, even if it isn’t dead, which has been the topic of a massive blogosphere battle in recent weeks. Some background I was working with the IT R&D team at Credit Suisse when we provided seed funding[1] for Securent, which was one […]

I was recently speaking at a conference, and the subject of network access control (NAC) came up. At the time I gave a rather glib answer that ‘it’s not the network that you wish to control access to, but the data and services that wrap it’. That’s been my position for some time, but it’s […]

I promised a more detailed post about this in my previous one about ERM. This is not intended to be entitlements services 1-01, but there is some necessary preamble to set the scene. Somebody probably ought to write that tutorial, as web search and WikiPedia are unusually unhelpful in this area, but that’s not going […]