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Between snow, getting some prerequisite scripts and docs a bit too late and various other stuff getting in the way, there hasn’t been too much progress today. I think I have everything set up to launch a complete cluster of Atlas agents in the sky, and get them to attach to the overlay VPN and […]

The multicast woes are now behind me (thanks Dimitriy), and I now have a fabric that spans my home network and EC2. The problem with multicast turned out to be firewall related, and the simple fix was: /sbin/iptables -I OUTPUT -o tun0 -j ACCEPT /sbin/iptables -I INPUT -i tun0 -j ACCEPT Tomorrow I’ll try to […]

I didn’t get to spend my full attention on this over the last couple of days, and somewhat as expected I’ve run into trouble with multicast. Right now it seems that whenever I put a node into the VPN overlay network it stops being capable of doing multicast. I’ll report back once these issues are […]

One of the things that IGT2009 got me thinking about again was workload. It’s clear when listening to people’s stories of what they’ve put ‘on the cloud’ (both public and private) that certain workloads fit more easily than others. The easiest pickings seem to be¬†embarrassingly¬†parallel high performance compute (HPC) tasks that have high CPU demands […]

I’ve known the chaps at Paremus since shortly after they set up shop, and I’ve watched the evolution of ServiceFabric since its earliest days. Since it has all the makings of a killer PaaS offering I thought I’d sharpen up my practical cloud skills by getting it running on EC2. The first challenge is that […]