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Call routing


Joe asked me about call routing following my post about office VOIP. It’s not a straightforward subject, so I thought it probably deserves a post of its own rather than just a comment reply. Point of entry – SkypeIn Having used ‘one number’ for a while in my old banking IT job I wanted to […]

Office VOIP


This post has been a long time coming, in part because it took so long to get everything working. It was almost 6 months ago that I decided to go down the VOIP route when my company moved to a new office. It’s a decision that I’ve questioned many times, though I think it was […]

Tim Bray has a post up about numbers, and this began as a comment but grew a little too long. I once described telephone numbers as ‘the original digital identity‘. The trouble is that for way too long they were associated to land lines (and hence geographic locations) and then mobiles came along and tied […]