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In a note to my last post ‘Safety first‘ I promised more on this topic, so here goes… TL;DR As software learns from manufacturing by adopting the practices we’ve called DevOps we’ve got better at catching mistakes earlier and more often in our ‘production lines’ to reduce their cost; but what if the whole point […]

uncommon sense


What we call common sense is all about risk, choosing to take risk at an emotional level rather than having somebody with a risk assessment form show up and fill it out whilst wearing a hard hat and hi-vis jacket then finally saying “I wouldn’t if I were you, something bad might just happen”.

Impedance was one of those things that I really didn’t understand until I did my degree in electronics engineering. For those of you that are interested WikiPedia is as ever a good resource, though the short version is that matching is all about ensuring efficient transfer of energy from source to load. I can’t recall […]