Subscription bounded blog search


One thing that I find repeatedly frustrating is when I’ve seen a really cool article or posting about something (usually on a blog, or linked from a blog) that I want to reference or go back to, and I just can’t find it again. This would be less of a problem if I was a more diligent social bookmarker, though I then expect I’d just get lost in a sea of bookmarks and tags.

The answer I think is to have subscription scoped search (with the option to spider to a given link depth). Then I could just upload my OPML file (or start from my online aggregator if I used such a thing) type in some keywords and the magic would commence.

Wishful thinking, a reasonable feature request for you know who, or already being done and I was just too dumb to figure out where and how?

PS It continues to amuse me that the spellchecker on the tool that I’m using to write this doesn’t recognise the word ‘blog’ – come on guys this is the business that you’re in!

4 Responses to “Subscription bounded blog search”

  1. 1 Chris Swan

    A colleague pointed out that this can be done using the online reader from a popular search company. I’d tried this when it first launched, and it barfed on my OPML import and seemed a bit creaky. It seems to have got a lot better since – maybe even good enough for me to give up my fat client.

    It doesn’t have the link spidering feature, which would still be nice, but it’s better than nothing. Even if I stick with my fat client at least I now know where I can go for subscription bounded search:)

  2. 2 alexis

    It is much better than it was when first launched. Also the one-click ‘share’ feature makes bookmarking less painful, sharable with friends, and searchable later.

  3. 3 Rachel Chalmers

    I use bloglines for my subscriptions, and it has a search feature. I haven’t really used it, though, because I am a big social bookmarker, and find delicious indispensible.

  4. 4 Chris Swan

    After about 6 weeks of using an online reader I’ve not gone back to my old fat client (even though the newest version of it now supports being an offline cache for the online reader).

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