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I’m a big fan of Github Gist, as it’s an excellent way to store fragments of code and config. Whatever I feel I can make public I do, and all of that stuff is easily searchable. A bunch of my gists are private, sometimes because they contain proprietary information, sometime because they’re for something so […]

Whatever Google did on 14 Jun to make my Kindle 3G post fall off its search results seems to have been undone on 22 Jul. Despite years of playing Nethack I’m still perplexed by the randomness of it all. Maybe it’s because that long dormant post got some fresh comments? For the sake of comparison […]

For quite a while this blog has been getting around 250 readers a day. That suddenly changed on Jun 14th: My first thought is that my search rankings have changed, and I read something not so long ago that Google was going to (once again) change how blogs appear in search rankings. I don’t do […]

There’s a passage on governance in Clay Shirky’s Cognitive Surplus that I really like: ‘Groups tolerate governance, which is by definition a set of restrictions, only after enough value has accumulated to make the burden worthwhile. Since that value builds up only over time, the burden of the rules has to follow, not lead.‘ It […]

Document management sucks! There – I said it. I challenge you to prove me wrong. I haven’t yet found a document management system (DMS) that’s fit for purpose, and I think I know why. It’s not about the technology. Documentum might hark from the client server era, and Alfresco trumps that with its SOA, but […]

One thing that I find repeatedly frustrating is when I’ve seen a really cool article or posting about something (usually on a blog, or linked from a blog) that I want to reference or go back to, and I just can’t find it again. This would be less of a problem if I was a […]