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Document management sucks! There – I said it. I challenge you to prove me wrong. I haven’t yet found a document management system (DMS) that’s fit for purpose, and I think I know why. It’s not about the technology. Documentum might hark from the client server era, and Alfresco trumps that with its SOA, but […]

Maaking it work


MaaS looks like the foundation here. In some ways I think these services will become like an inside out version of web hosting – a place to consume rather than a place to publish; though clearly we need both.

I don’t think this is going to be what Sean was asking for, but I also didn’t want to ignore the call to action, and the points that follow will hopefully lead to some useful debate. This post will probably be provocative, so lets start right out with my point of view – semantic web […]

At the end of my technology time line that I posted yesterday I wondered if I should have included more services, particularly in what seems like an innovation vacuum over the last six years. On reflection I think I know why I didn’t include many. Almost everything on the time line was something where I […]

Last week I was asked (at very short notice) to come up with a presentation on what a social networking operating system would be. This is in part why I felt it was necessary to spend time on social network modalities. In the end the presentation wasn’t formalised (or constrained) by being put into a […]

Perhaps I was being a bit dull when I first read through Andrew McAffe’s The Ties that Find, as I seem to have missed the key point, which is that weak ties are where new information comes from. Thanks to Dr Felix Reed-Tsochas for calling this out so explicitly during his section of the networks […]

My experiment with directed social bookmarking seems to be working out well, though I still don’t have an appropriate feedback vehicle. Nudge, nudge to those that have offered to help. One of the interesting things that’s happened is that people who I direct stuff towards are starting to become significant in my tag cloud. This […]

One of my colleagues spends a lot of time seeing how we can introduce more enterprise 2.0 technologies to the workplace, and when I come across good stuff in that field I tend to throw it over the wall to him. It therefore struck me as insane that when I was reading this from Andrew […]