3 Responses to “Social network modalities”

  1. 1 hagrant

    There really isn’t a commonplace equivalence for the ‘@’ pattern in enterprise pub-sub however. Maybe this is actually something new and useful that has come out of web 2.0? :-)

    Of course, the ‘@’ pattern breaks the (usual) rule that the publisher is unaware of specific subscribers, but then again human beings were never as tidy as computer systems.

    I wonder if anybody can think of a good example where ‘@’-type behaviour is both common and desirable in enterprise systems (outside of, say, lower-level tasks such as housekeeping and systems management).


  2. You could build a trading system in which publishers stated executable prices and subscribed consumers would @reply when they wished to trade. Doing so as a public “@Hugh ..” would enable others potential traders to publish a better price.

  1. 1 A social networking operating system « Chris Swan’s Weblog

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