What happens when we all have our own queue(s)?


My experiment with directed social bookmarking seems to be working out well, though I still don’t have an appropriate feedback vehicle. Nudge, nudge to those that have offered to help.

One of the interesting things that’s happened is that people who I direct stuff towards are starting to become significant in my tag cloud. This got me thinking about whether that might be a bit of a privacy problem, and how such a problem might be solved.

A seemingly obvious answer would be to use meaningless but unique numbers (or identifiers) MBUNs. I could then tell the target of a directed feed which MBUN to subscribe to, and off they go. This could however be problematic for me in terms of remembering who is represented by which MBUN.

There must be a more elegant way of doing this?

Well, I think there is, but maybe it’s not quite ready yet. What if rather than having an RSS feed as the conduit for a directed feed I used an personal AMQP queue instead. That would I think be cool. The plumbing and name space management aren’t there yet, but I don’t think they’re insurmountable problems.

Please comment on other cool things that could be done with personalised (or should that be personalised) queues?

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