Digital ego?


I spent yesterday at the Silicon Valley Comes to Oxford (SVCO) event, which I can heartily recommend to anybody interested in hearing about the intersection of technology and entrepreneurship from the horses mouth.

There were many highlights to the day, but for me the most interesting presentation was by Susan Greenfield on ‘The Brain: neuroscience of the computer’. The central question behind the presentation was what would it take to digitize our personal identity (and establish digital consciousness)? This clearly is digital identity on a scale way beyond the scrum of tokens and federation. So much so that I wondered whether digital identity is the right label, or whether it should be digital ego? It certainly seems to me that Freud’s (translated) Id isn’t relevant to this discussion of a broader concept of ID. I also feel that until we get the foundation concepts of digital identity sorted out – so that the tokens and federation and all that stuff actually work, we’re in no place to build a digital ego.

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