Google – getting it right :)


Yesterday I had a whine about localisation overriding personalisation, which is probably a bad idea.

Today I have happier news. After moving my Capital SCF mailbox over to Google I was expecting some nasty identity collisions if I tried to use my personal Gmail and company Gmail in the same browser (in my case Chrome, which I like a lot). In fact I’m sure that bad things used to happen, as I’ve tried this before. But… I’m happy to report that there are in fact no issues whatsoever. I’ve had to apply a different coloured theme to my personal Gmail so that I don’t get too confused, but that’s a small price to pay.

I’m also very happy to get sync between my BlackBerry and Google Calendar – something that our previous service provider didn’t do (and that I was missing a lot from the transition from BES to BIS).

Fingers crossed that I can get personal and company Gmails working side by side in offline mode…

One Response to “Google – getting it right :)”

  1. I actually currently have 3 different Google accounts (one for a startup, one for my personal domain, and one straight-up, and it all works fine. The only real concern is that since migrating my personal domain (which used to just go to my @gmail account), I haven’t changed which name I sign into Google Talk with, so my chats are still stored on the old account. Something to think about if you’re planning to migrate!

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