Buying Wooden Kitchen Worktops from Wren Living


I had many issues with the kitchen I bought from Wren living. One of the most troublesome ones came from wooden worktops, and in hindsight I should never have bought my worktop from Wren.


Wren don’t supply a full range of sizes. So they tried to cover a 2605x945mm island with two pieces of 2400x900mm worktop (actually the original order had one piece of 2400x900mm and another of 3000x610mm, but that would still have meant multiple joins).

I ended up getting my worktop from Worktop Express, who supply 3000x960mm (amongst other sizes) and do next day delivery.


Wren charged (and later refunded) me £997.98 for the two pieces of worktop that didn’t fit.

Worktop Express charged me £350 (plus £25 delivery) for the one piece that did fit.

Don’t ignore the extras

Wren added a £50 ‘worktop care kit’ to my kitchen order, which included oil, cleaner and joiners. Some of the stuff I just didn’t need, and the rest could have been sourced much more cheaply elsewhere.

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