OpenELEC keeps getting better


I’m on the road right now (heading out to San Francisco for an Open Data Center Alliance event before IDF), which means that I can’t play with all the great new stuff happening with OpenELEC on the Raspberry Pi. The team have a blog post covering the changes, which include PVR support and the Raspberry Pi build moving into the main stream.

The OpenELEC team have also accepted some changes I made to the create_sdcard script to use loop devices to make image files.

As ever, head on over to for the latest release bundles and images. My build bot will keep churning out the new stuff even if I’m too busy to try out new features for myself.

NB if you’re updating to r11904 or later then make sure to change the 3rd party boot loader stuff as well as kernel.img and SYSTEM.

19 Responses to “OpenELEC keeps getting better”

  1. Great update indeed! All my previous none working WMV works now!
    Only problem is that all of my TV Stream like SVTPlay or Swedish TV3, they suddenly don’t work anymore.

    I guess it will be fixed in the future, but I am glad that WMV works ^_^
    Now just wait for the new builds!

  2. 2 Alexander Heinz

    Which relevant change is included in the latest boot loader?

    As mentioned by Warut Lalar, compared to r11850, r11904 (using the included boot loader) breaks certain streams for me as well.

    • Have you confirmed that it’s the boot loaded that causes the issue and not one of the many other changes? r11904 has a lot of moving parts, so I wouldn’t be surprised if there are a bunch of reversions that need to be sorted out.

      • 4 Alexander Heinz

        It is not the boot loader. Using the boot loader from r11850, I face the same problem.

        Although it does not seem to be related to the issue that certain streaming addons are broken in the latest r11904 release (e.g. the addon in the official XBMC addon repository), I would be interested in which change made you recommend a boot loader update.


      • The boot loader change was recommended in a post by one of the OpenELEC committers on the RPi forums.

      • I downgrade mine and stream works now, but no wmv XD

      • 7 Alexander Heinz

        Does any recent build support WMVs and the video stream plugins that were supported e.g. by r11850 but broken e.g. in r11855 or r11904?

  3. 8 sebus

    Will you be updating the builds to new firmware with
    Added cpufreq driver. Added measure_temp vcgencmd


  4. 10 toni

    Hi, is it also possible to use the vdr-addon instead of tv-headend as pvr-backend?

    • Every account that I’ve read on this topic has used tv-headend, but I guess there’s little harm in trying a different plugin.

    • we must rewrite/fix the vdr addon first for usage on RPi. I *think* then its possible. But VDR is harder to configure. You can try to use VDR on a seperate PC, this should work already.

  5. 13 Ed Knight

    Hi Chris,

    I wrote this to an SD card for my Raspberry Pi, but can’t get transmission working. Have you seen/head of this and if so, any ideas?


    • I’m not entirely sure what isn’t working for you. Can you be a bit more specific?

      • Any news about new Turbo Mode will be enable in OpenElec build?
        I mean some Raspberry already have trouble overclock it to 1GHz how will this works? Will it increase volt automatic?

      • From what I see in the forums Turbo mode is supported, but there might be issues with stability.

      • Oh nice Chris, I have to try that out when I get home ^_^

      • 18 Ed knight

        Hi Chris,

        Sorry, didn’t explain at all. Before you had replied I’d ripped a newer version and it looks like its working now. Previously it gave me an error saying it couldn’t connect and popped up the settings window. Thanks for your response. One more thing, do you know where downloads go by default from transmission?


      • Do you mean the torrent client transmission? I haven’t tried that myself.

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