New hosting for Pi Chimney at GreenQloud


I first came across GreenQloud at GigaOm Structure Europe last year. It’s a cloud service based in Iceland that is powered entirely from renewable energy. I bumped into Eiki and Bala again last week at London CloudCamp, and gave them my sob story about hosting. They’ve very kindly offered to provide free hosting for my (mostly OpenELEC for the Raspberry Pi) downloads in exchange for a little recognition (like this).

Let me know what sort of download speeds you get? From my own testing it seems better than the BuyVM box (after the move to Las Vegas).

8 Responses to “New hosting for Pi Chimney at GreenQloud”

  1. 1 Just curios

    What happened to the automatic nightly builds?
    They have been on hold since 08mar.

    • I wasn’t paying enough attention to the server, and the disk filled up, which stopped the automated builds. Normal service should now be resumed.

      • 3 Just curios

        That was fast. And thank you very much for doing this for us. The server is very much appreciated!. Take care.

      • Normal service has now been resumed, with r13530. For some reason I missed that I was seeing updates from github on RSS, but no new build emails.

      • 5 Just curios

        Hi Chris,
        It’s me annoying you again. :)
        I’m sorry but has the same happened again?
        It doesn’t seem like the pi chimney is updating new builds. It stopped at r13620.
        Best regards Martin

  2. 6 Just curios

    Ah, sorry.
    Same moment as I wrote you it resumed.
    Sorry bothering you for nothing. :)
    And again many thanks!
    Take care

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  2. 2 StorageQloud: Your Anywhere, Any Device Music Player – GreenQloud

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